21 Oct 2013

Mrs Carter Show World Tour

 Blazer & Jeans: Portmans || Singlet: Beyonce Concert || Glasses: Raybans || Bracelets: Tiffany&Co, Thomas Sabo || Shoes: Hannahs 

So on Saturday i finally went to the Beyonce Concert and it was sooo amazing! when every person says it is the best concert ever they are not lieng. She was amazing, we had really good seats so we were close, im even sure me & beyonce made eye contact haha. It was such an amazing experience, i would reccomend anyone and everyone to see beyonce at least once in their life.
Now to the outfit, i just had to wear my beyonce singlet to express how much i really enjoyed the show, i kept it very simple with jeans and a blazer all black and gold.
I hope everyone is having a lovely weekdend. Check out some more photos we took from the concert below.

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