19 Dec 2013

Messy Purple

Top: Forever New || Skirt: Ally || Shoes: Steve Madden 

This outfit is a mix of purple and patterns. I've given up the heels for the summer and have chosen to pair majority of my outfits with sandals, the most comfy shoes and they look good for summer. I paired my patterned top also worn here with a purple skirt to go with a color scheme of purple and you will never guess howmuch i paid for that skirt! $7.50! Crazy right. Like the previous post i've still been working with making my hair more interesting but since im a beginner it always turns out very messy. I decided to show my hair style anyways, i did the upside down french plait with the bow at the top (i think my hair is in need of desperate dying). I Hope everyone is having a lovely week. 

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