22 Mar 2014

Black Floral

It has been forever since I last posted. A lot has happened also! I've moved overseas, started a new university and it has been crazy hectic, that I have no time to take quick snaps of my outfits. These photos were taken before I moved and I finally have the chance to post them up! I have to make to make a better effort to start snapping away my outfits! So hopefully you will still be seeing more of me in the days to come. I am pretty good at keeping my instagram page updated so check out my latest pics on instagram. To the outfit, I've had that dress for like 3 or 4 years now its almost vintage to me haha. I went with the all black accessories with the wallet and black bow shoes (also worn here) and paired it with the floral them of the dress with the Karen Walker Botanical collection bangle, ring and necklace.

Dress: Portmans || Shoes: Hannahs || Wallet: Prada || Accessories: Karen Walker

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