28 Apr 2014


Dress & Belt: ASOS || Shoes: Novo || Bag: Coach 

Today I went to do some shopping at a store called T2 they sell the most amazing tea and cutest little tea accessories ever like teapots, teacup, tumblers etc.. I tried this amazing special mothers day cold tea called 'ruby' it was so amazing. I'm not a huge fan of tea but this one was an exception it was so good! If theres a T2 near you definitely go check it out. Although today I didn't purchase tea instead I saw some really cute tins in lots of bright vibrant colours like yellow, orange and red to name a few. I thought it would be a great idea to put my make up brushes and lipsticks in them. So i bought few to test them out and they are so perfect! They are my take on the mason jars that is widely used for things like that. Stay tuned for some pics of my set up coming soon. I'm currently loving all the spring and summer colours so i donned a bright vibrant very colourful dress. The best part of the dress is the adorable bow style back. I paired it with dark navy so the dress could do the talking and added a nude belt to accentuate the shape of the dress. Hope everyone is having a fab week. 

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