4 Apr 2014

No. 6 Diamonds

 Jeans: Portmans || Top: T-Bar || Shoes: Lipstik || Handbag: Louis Vuitton || Bangles: ChloĆ© || Ring: Gucci

I know its been a while, but its now that time of the semester where you have a thousand assignments and a thousand exams, so I'm currently juggling assignments, exams and trying to have a life, which i do not! Luckily the easter break is just around the corner and I have some outfits planned up my sleeve. My sister is here to visit me so we quickly sneaked in a quick photo sesh. This is the first time I have ever worn boyfriend jeans and boy are they comfy! Because I don't have skinny legs I went for more of a snug fit then an extreme loose fitting one, this is more of a skinnier leg take on the boyfriend jean and i think it suits my body shape better than as super loose one. I paired it with a loose t-shirt to keep the casual vibe going but amped it up with my heels, again cause I'm quite short flats just would not work with this outfit. Stay tuned for different takes on the boyfriend jeans. Hope everyone is having a lovely week and good luck to all those in the same uni boat as me:)

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