26 May 2014

All About Lace

Forever New Jacket || H&M Dress || Mi Piaci Boots || Gucci Handbag & Ring

When I was over in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago I headed to the new H&M store that opened up on Bourke Street. It was so huge and so incredibly busy. I scanned through everything and just picked up everything I liked. When I went to go try on everything the line was soo long and I just did not have the patience. I purchased everything and the next day I went and returned majority of it back. This dress was one of the things I kept though. Its nice and simple and goes with everything and who doesn't love a bit of lace? I did buy the dress one size up accidentally but when I paired it with the jacket you couldn't really tell. So overall it was okay. I would recommend if your in Melbourne or Sydney to go check out H&M though the affordability there is amazing but maybe check it out once it gets a little older and its not so busy.  If you have time check out my lookbook :) hope everyone is having a fabulous day. 

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1 comment:

  1. Great pieces and very nice pics
    you're outfit it's awesome too