11 May 2014

My Favourite Hues

I thought I would share with you some of my favourite lipsticks. I have a range of a few colours that I like to use all the time take a look below for all the details.

1. The first one is from the Lustre range called Touch by M.A.C. This lipstick is my go to for university or casual days out or those days where you don't feel like wearing any make-up but want your lips looking nice. Its basically a nude colour which just glosses your lips up and gives you that minimal finished look. Definitely a must have in your cosmetic bag. 

2. We all know that every single lady has to own at least one red lipstick! My favourite is the red one from M.A.C called Eden Rouge from the Mattene Lipstick range. It gives you the perfect glossy look and gives your lips a bit more shape with a dark shade of red. (Although remember to use a red lip pencil before you apply the lip stick,  I use M.A.C kiss me quick from the Pro Long wear collection or if you want a more versatile lip pencil try the Universal Contour by Dior

3. This colour is my absolute favourite, this one is called L'exuberante (#37) from the Rouge Allure Velvet Range by Chanel. Its such a bright and lady like pink its a colour that can brighten everyones face. To give it a bit more edge I sometimes pair it with my red lip pencil to give it a deeper hue.

4. This is another pinky/red colour by Christian Dior called Illusion (#779) from the Rouge Dior Range. This one is similar to the previous Chanel one but the difference is that this is more of a glossy look where as the Chanel is a matte look. So it depends on what look you are going for.

5. This colour is currently trending. Its a really dark purple hue called Envoutante (#116) from the Rouge Allure Range by Chanel. If your after more of a brighter purple look check out another one of my faves (not pictured) Bright Plum (#15) by Burberry.

6. This is another go to look when I can't decide what colour to go with this one is called Plumful from the Lustre Range by M.A.C. I have been through about 5 or 6 lipsticks in this colour. Its another must have colour.

Stay Tuned for more of my fave beauty favourites :) 

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