23 Jul 2014

Get Ready With Me Step Two: Hide & Conceal

Corrector in Medium to Dark Bisque
Creamy Concealer in Honey
Concealer Brush 
Routine Details Below

The next step in applying my make-up is concealer and I think its a product that almost every single woman uses because it hides all your imperfections and who doesn't like something that makes us look perfect. I personally don't use concealer all the time and when I do its only under my eyes. I fear that if i use too much product by my eyes I will never be able to go bare faced and I am heading in that direction too. On the days that I am going out and want to look nice I do use concealer and I use Bobbi Brown's corrector and concealer. Bobbi Brown is well known for her perfect solution of corrector and concealer and it really is a good product! 
First I apply the corrector under my eyes this is to revert the darkness under the eyes to a neutral colour. I then apply the concealer which for me is only one shade lighter than my foundation (It is recommended to use two shades lighter for full effect). I apply the concealer under my eyes, eyebrow and above my eyebrow all the places that needs a little brightness and thats about as far as I go with the concealer right now. I tend to use the matching brush to the product because I know the brush is made specifically for the product so it works the best. This Bobbi Brown concealer brush is really good and soft doesn't feel harsh on your eyes. The brush retails for $30USD and i would definitely recommend using a brush rather than your fingers it is much better for your eyes! 
The corrector and concealer retail for around $24USD each which is an amazing price! Good products for a good price. If you have a more popular skin colour you can even go for the corrector/concealer pack which retails for $34USD, 14 dollars cheaper! Even better!  Unfortunately I have a weird skin tone so I have to buy them separately.  So there is the second step, stay tuned for the third step and if you've missed the first step check it out here :) 

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